Apple announces tvOS updates for Apple TV


Apple has announced the next version of tvOS for Apple TV which includes new features including dark theme, live tune-in, Siri updates, new remote app and much more. We summarize the Apple TV announcements:

Apple announces tvOS updates for Apple TV

Here is everything that Apple announced for Apple TV:

  • 1300 video channels
  • 6000 total apps
  • Tons of exclusive new apps and games coming to Apple TV
  • New remote app, finally, announced
  • Siri now supports movie search by topics.
  • Siri can now search 650,000 movies and tv shows now
  • YouTube search support added to Siri
  • Live Tune-in lets you open a live tv streaming app just by talking to Siri
  • Single sign-on comes to Apple TV for cable networks ( and to iOS too )
  • New dark theme!!
  • When you download an app to iOS, it automatically downloads the tvOS version to Apple TV
  • New developer focused features such as ReplayKit, PhotoKit, HomeKit and more

The developer preview will be available to developers today while customers will get the update this fall.