Can’t wait for Google Chrome OS? Try these alternatives

Google Chrome Operating System announcement has shaken up the entire blogosphere, even though what it aims to achieve with its OS is already being done by many currently available netbook operating systems with varying degrees of success. My opinion is you can’t win the operating system war on web applications alone, you need both client(…)

Google announces the Google Chrome Operating System

After years of speculation by different blogs and industry analysts, and the release of Android, Google has finally announced an x86 operating system called Google Chrome Operating System. Targeted to be available in the second half of 2010, Google Chrome OS will be an open source and light weight operating system targeted towards net books.(…)

Apple’s App Store turns 1 today. Happy Birthday!

A year ago, on this very day, App Store was launched. Today, it has turned 1 year old and contains over 56,000 applications! If there’s a great success story you need to find over the last year, it has to be the iPhone and App Store. It has revolutionized mobile computing through as well as(…)

Watch live online stream of Michael Jackson’s Memorial on Ustream, CNN and MSN

The memorial of Michael Jackson is being held right now live. Michael Jackson will be buried today at a private funeral prior to the public event at Forest Lawn Memorial in the Hollywood Hills. The public event is a musical memorial which will have performances from a lot of celebrities. Beyoncé and Whitney Houston will(…)

Got my free stickers and badges from TechSmith!

I’ve finally gotten my free stickers and buttons from TechSmith. For those of you who didn’t know, TechSmith creates outstanding screen capturing and recording software such as Snagit, Camtasia Studio and my favorite Jing, which is free for both Windows and OS X. I’ve been using Jing for a long time now and it really(…)

New-gen iPod Touch to have a camera, video capture and be very fast

Video recording and auto focus equipped 3.2 MP camera in iPhone 3G S are the main reasons why people are upgrading to it. Video editing is built in the iPhone OS, and it also opens up video capture for other applications. iPod Touch seems to have been left far behind. But, TechCrunch has gotten some(…)

iPhone 3G S Jailbreak application purplera1n now available for Mac

George Hotz had released purplera1n Jailbreak app for the iPhone a few days ago, and was the first one to do it. The app was initially released on Windows, then updated to run on Windows 7. Now, with the help of some friends, he has released it for the Mac. The instructions are the same,(…)

Facebook app 3.0 for iPhone will allow video uploads – but there’s a catch

Facebook announced their new app for iPhone, version 3.0 with a hefty feature list. Missing in the list was video capture and upload. Joe Hewitt, a Facebook employee working on the iPhone app tweeted a day after, that video uploading has been implemented in the new Facebook iPhone app – but there’s a catch. You(…)

Market Share of Firefox 3.5 ? See it live!, the best real time stats tracking service in my opinion, has provided some brilliant information on the live market share of various browsers. It’s focused on Firefox 3.5’s launch, but shows the usage of other browsers as well, which closely match the figures released by other stats tracking services. As posted by Neowin(…)