guiGoog – excellent Google based search engine with one click filters

guiGoog has done something which I would like to see Google itself do. Provide advanced search options to filter down queries instead of making them difficult to use for novice users. Only Bing has managed to provide advanced search on the main search results page, but that too is somewhat limited when compared to the(…)

Get a psychological profile of yourself by TweetPsych

This has got to be one of the most interesting Twitter websites I’ve used in recent times. TweetPsych analyzes your tweets to build a psychological profile for you. It works by using two linguistic analysis algorithms on the content of a person’s recent 1000 tweets. The resulting profile shows different types of content it finds(…)

Chess Tweets – Play Chess via Twitter

Nowadays, games are common across Twitter. Whether they are hashtag games or games like the new Chess Tweets. Chess Tweets calls itself the newest generation of correspondence chess, which means to play chess over a long distance through a server by email, or even postage system. The moves are made by the board locations. Similarly(…)

You know that Nvidia Tegra in Zune HD rumor? It has been officially confirmed!

The Zune team members have confirmed that the Zune HD has the Nvidia Tegra chip during a Zune Insider podcast number 24. At 18:30 into the podcast, Matt Akers confirms that the chatter going on about the Tegra in the Zune HD is true. Here’s what he says: We actually want to confirm something. There’s(…)

Palm Pre webOS 1.0.3 update brings some fixes, changes

Palm has just pushed an update version 1.0.3 for the Pre which fixes a few issues as well as updates the built in applications. Good to see Palm so actively working on webOS. Here’s the change log: Calendar * Events created in your Google calendar-either in Calendar on your phone or in Google online-that contain(…)

No Nike + iPod for iPhone 3G

Strange but true. The second generation iPod Touch and iPod Nano were the first to get the Nike + iPod integration. The new iPhone 3G S also has it. You’d expect iPhone 3G to have gotten it as well. But, even though it has the capabilities to work with it, it’s locked out. I can’t(…)

Performance issues with iPhone OS 3.0? You’re not alone

A lot of users have been complaining about their iPhone 3G getting slower in terms of performance after the update to OS 3.0 . Boot and shutdown take longer now than before and most apps also launch slowly. Safari has also been lagging a lot. This has been confirmed by users who haven’t Jail broken(…)

Jailbreak and unlock iPhone OS 3.0 with PwnageTool

The iPhone OS 3.0 Jailbreak and unlock tool is now available by the Dev-Team. It’s only available for Mac OS X so far due to some bugs and unexpected changes. QuickPwn for Mac OS X and Windows will be released soon. Here’s the complete guide from straight from the Dev-Team:

How to get the most out of your notebook battery in Windows 7

Windows 7 does an excellent job of improving battery time and efficiency. But here’s a little tip to get that extra bit out of the battery of your notebook or netbook. Go to Power Options by typing it in the start menu search field or via the control panel. It’s also accessible using the system(…)

Advantages of DirectX 11 – Good news for all!

Richard Huddy, Senior. Manager Developer Relations at AMD recently blogged about Why we should get excited about DirectX 11. It’s an excellent post on how DirectX 11 will improve graphics for us. He talks about tessellation, GPGPUs and the efficiency of DirectX 11 with multi-core CPUs. But the most interesting part of his blog post,(…)