Only 4% users are enabling app tracking in iOS 14.5

As per a new research, only 4% of iOS 14.5 users are allowing apps to track their data in the United States. This number is slightly better on a global level, but it’s still a miserly 12% opt-in rate.

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Most users are not allowing apps to track them in iOS 14.5

The report has been published by analytics company Flurry, which gathers insights from over 2 billion devices per month. The company is actively tracking daily statistics and after more than 10 days of tracking iOS 14.5′ launch, the number of users allowing app tracking or completely disabling app tracking on their iPhones is as following:

  • Worldwide opt-in rate: 12%
  • U.S. opt-in rate: 4%
  • Worldwide percentage of users who have disabled app tracking from Settings: 5%
  • U.S. percentage of users who have disabled app tracking from Settings: 3%

This information is based on insights from a data set of 5.3 million users worldwide and 2.5 million users in the United States. There is a possibility that these numbers could change over time, however, the current trend has been hovering around these numbers, as Flurry posts daily updates on its blog.

Apple’s controversial App Tracking Transparency launched with iOS 14.5 and gives users control over their data. Users can choose whether they want to give apps permission to track their data or not. Unsurprisingly, this change has been met with a lot of criticism from the advertisement industry and social media companies like Facebook. Businesses that have been making money by secretly profiling their users are not happy that the amount of data they can gather from iPhone users will be reduced.

We will keep an eye on updates from Flurry and see how the trends change after a few weeks.

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