AirPods Max battery drain being reported by users

Many users around the Internet have been reporting AirPods Max battery drain, despite putting the headphones in their smart case. Most of the users have reported that they put AirPods Max in the smart case at 100% battery, but when they took them out, there was only 0% to 1% battery remaining which left them unusable until they were charged again.

Although AirPods Max do not have a power button to put them into sleep mode, the accompanying smart case is supposed to help preserve battery. Somehow, the smart case is not performing its intended function.

AirPods Max Battery Drain

Users report AirPods Max battery drain but there is a workaround

Here are a few issues reported on Reddit:

I’ve also had this problem, though not necessarily draining to 0% entirely – but in some cases they’ve been at 100% before putting them into the smart case, then the next day they have less than half the battery left. No other issues aside from that.

Battery drain is not necessarily happening only when the battery is 100%:

Yup, same here. Although, I used mine for an entire evening. But still, when I woke up this morning 1% left on battery. Annoying. Apple needs to push out a firmware update so we have the ability to shut them down entirely, otherwise, they’re getting these back.

On Apple Support Forums, users are also requesting Apple for the ability to turn off AirPods Max, which we completely agree with.

Can anyone explain why when I put my Airpods Max back in their case at 60% battery life and the next morning they we’re at 1% battery life? This has happend to me multiple times with the magnetic flap closed. So I know I’m putting them in the case correctly. Feels like this needs to be a software fix. Apple please give us the ability to turn these headphones off.

Apple had previously shared a complete guide on how to save AirPods Max battery when not in use, a departure from the time when its products were easy to simply pick up and use.

For now, there is no word from Apple if it is actively looking into this reported issue. Until there is an update, we recommend that you perform a reboot or factory reset to fix your AirPods Max battery drain:

  • Reboot AirPods Max by pressing and holding the noise control button and the Digital Crown until the LED flashes amber.
  • Reset AirPods Max to factory settings by pressing and holding the noise control button and the Digital Crown for 15 seconds until the LED flashes amber, and then white. You will have to repair AirPods Max to your device again after this process.

The above steps have helped a few users, let us know if they fix AirPods Max battery drain for you. Check out our AirPods Max FAQ for more troubleshooting tips.

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