AirPods Pro 2 might feature heart rate detection, hearing aid capabilities and more

The next-generation AirPods Pro 2 are expected to launch later this year. A new report by 52audio claims that the updated AirPods Pro 2 will be powered by advanced U1 chip, and feature new health sensors to monitor users heart rate and temperature, support fast charging and more.

Previous reports on the new headphones have shared a lot of information on the alleged design changes and improvements like an in-the-ear design for earbuds without stems, slightly taller and less wider charging case, two different sizes models, a metal loop on the charging case to attack a strap and more.

AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro 2 will be equipped with advanced H1 chip, health sensors, USB-C port, Find My support, and much more

First-generation AirPods Pro were launched in October 2019 with an H1 chip, Transparency mode, Active Noise Cancellation, longer battery life, and more. Now, after nearly three years, the headphones will be getting a major uphaul with advanced technology to improve users’ experience.

AirPods Pro 2

As per 52audio, the upcoming charging case of the new headphones model will have the same design language as the 2021 AirPods 3, a smaller charging case, and MagSafe support. Its earbuds with short stems, ear tips, and pressure-sensitive buttons. However, it will offer the following features:

  • Upgraded H1 chip for enhanced performance and battery consumption
  • Self-adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, along with Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio, and audio sharing.
  • Heart rate detection sensor to measure heart rate through the ear
  • Temperature detection capability supported by the new Heart rate measuring sensor to take body temperature through the ear as well.
  • Hearing aid capabilities. On iOS 14, Apple introduced “Conversation Boost” feature which allows users with low or deaf hearing to actively participate in conversations in crowded places.
  • USB-C charging port instead of Lightning.
  • Fast charging with MagSafe support
  • Louder speakers to play sounds
  • Improved “Find My” support
  • Sound improvements

AirPods Pro 2

Previous reports on the second-generation AirPods Pro corroborate several claims of the new report. It is also speculated that the tech giant will replace the optical sensors in the new headphones with new skin detection sensors to detect when the earbuds are in or out of the ear.

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