AirPods Studio could be Apple’s surprise winter announcement

As per another recent leak, it seems that AirPods Studio could be Apple’s surprise winter announcement, rather than the Apple TV refresh that was previously speculated. AirPods Studio are expected to be Apple’s modular high-end headphones, which will go head-to-head against similar offerings from Bose and other companies.

There have been many hints of AirPods Studio coming soon thanks to various leaks in iOS, as well as reports from reliable sources such as Bloomberg and L0vetodream on Twitter. An icon for AirPods Studio was also discovered in a recent iOS 14.3 beta which matched the description that we had gotten from these sources. However, despite three recent events, AirPods Studio have not been announced, and remain a well-known secret, like AirTags.

AirPods Studio

AirPods Studio could be Apple’s winter product announcement

AirPods Studio are expected to feature a modular design that uses magnets, Apple’s favorite ingredient to use in its products, to allow for replaceable ear cups. They will also feature good sound quality which will be further enhanced thanks to active noise cancellation. Leaks have also mentioned a head and neck detection feature, and custom equalizer support.

Although another leaker had speculated that a new Apple TV 4K model is going to be announced on Tuesday, December 8, L0vetodream, who has a great track record with Apple leaks, said that it’s not happening. While he did not confirm which product is launching, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg tweeted that Apple is still planning to launch it’s high-end, noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

L0vetodream started the whole conversation regarding a product launch this week when he said a few weeks ago that Apple has a winter surprise planned. In the end, if Apple announces any new product, it will be the fourth month in a row where the company would be launching new products. For a pandemic year, it’s absolutely amazing that Apple has been able to manage its supply chain so well to ensure that it can announce and even ship products. This is something that Nvidia, Sony, and Microsoft might want to learn as their recent product launches have been disastrous as stocks are nowhere to be found.

Maybe Apple might announce AirTags or AirPower instead? What do you think?

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