Top grossing mobile games worldwide led by InnerSloth’s Among Us

Games are a vital part of the App Store and iOS ecosystem, which is why Apple keeps highlighting how the iPad and iPhone are great gaming devices. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people have spent more time than ever on their smartphones playing mobile games, and according to a recent report, Among Us led the top 10 most downloaded games last month.

The ranking includes the top 10 most downloaded mobile games in December 2022 on the App Store and Google Play. Developer InnerSloth’s game Among Us was the most downloaded mobile game globally in November 2020 according to a recent survey from AppFigures

Apple App Store - Among Us

Top-grossing mobile games worldwide, Among Us leads the charts

The research from AppFigures shows that Among Us was the most popular game on both App Store and Google Play in December, it was also the most popular game in November. Apple nominated Among Us as one of the highlighting trends in 2020. The game clocked 53.2 million downloads last month, most of them from Google Play. 

Among Us! ended a fantastic year by adding an estimated 48M new downloads in December. That’s its lowest month since taking off in August, but then again, it’s 48,000,000 new downloads. Most of which came through Google Play, which outpaces the App Store four to one.

Among Us

Among Us rose to the top pretty quickly, which is impressive considering it was first debuted in 2018. The space adventure game beat out tough competition like PUBG and Roblox to get to the top on the App Store and Google Play. 

The multiplayer game sets players against each other as a crew on a spaceship. All crew members have to complete special tasks while they try to figure out who among them is the “imposter”. Meanwhile, the imposter murders the crew one by one and tries to sabotage the ship. The charming hand-drawn 2D cartoons coupled with the simple premise makes this game immensely enjoyable. 

Among Us mobile game downloads

The ranking was divided into 3 categories, App Store, Google Play, and Overall as you can see above. In the App Store ranking, Project Makeover made the second cut just in front of Sushi Roll 3D. Classic games like Roblox and Subway Surfers also made the list. 

According to the research, in December the combined top 10 games have been downloaded a total of 240M times globally. About 42M, 18% of downloads, came via the App Store, the rest came through Google Play.

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