App Store’s review and rating features are now open for Phone, Message, Photos and Safari apps

In September, it was spotted that Apple opened pre-installed apps on the iPhone for users’ review and ratings like Mail, Maps, Podcasts, and others. Now the company has added Phone, Message, Photos, and Safari app to the list on iOS 15.1.

Apple allows users to rate and review all third-party apps on the App Store to indicate an app’s success, shortcomings, or highlight its malicious behavior. But the company’s native apps were not open to public scrutiny.

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Apple changes App Store policy for pre-installed apps

Like third-party apps, Apple users can now give 5-star ratings and leave reviews of pre-installed apps. And the company is adding new ones.  This decision opens a direct link for feedback between Cupertino tech giant and users. Here are Apple apps‘ ratings (at the time of writing):

  • TestFlight – 4.7 rating
  • Texas Hold’em – 4.7 rating
  • Dark Sky Weather – 4.7 rating
  • App Store Connect – 4.6 rating
  • iTunes Remote – 4.6 rating
  • Shortcuts – 4.2 rating
  • Apple Research – 4.2 rating
  • GarageBand – 4.1 rating
  • iMovies – 4.0 rating
  • Apple Music for Artists – 3.8 rating
  • Apple Support – 3.7 rating
  • Clips – 3.7 rating
  • Find My Friends – 3.6 rating
  • Keynote – 3.5 rating
  • Apple Store – 3.5 rating
  • Pages – 3.4 rating
  • Logic Remote – 3.4 rating
  • iTunes Movie Trailers – 3.3 rating
  • iTunes U – 3.3 rating
  • Numbers – 3.2 rating
  • Apple Books – 3.2 rating
  • Apple Developer – 3.1 rating
  • AirPort Utility – 3.0 rating
  • Beats Pill – 3.0 rating
  • Beddit – 2.2 rating
  • Apple Podcasts – 1.8 rating

Recently, Apple has introduced new several changes to the App Store to improve developers’ and users’ experience. Developers can feature in-app events directly on the App Store like movie premieres, live-streamed shows, game competitions, and more. App analytics in the App Store Connect app offers new metrics to gauge an app’s performance better, return of the improved “Report a Problem” link lets users report scam apps, all apps which require account creation must offer the option to ‘account deletion within the app’ to protect users and give them control of their data.

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