Niantic’s new ‘Pikmin Bloom’ AR game on iPhone is perfect for getting back in shape post COVID-19

Developer of popular ‘Pokémon Go’ game, Niantic has introduced another new activity-based AR game ‘Pikmin Bloom’ on iOS in partnership with Nintendo. Making every step count, players in Pikmin Bloom will be able to grow their Pikmin, flowers and keep track of their memories simply by walking.

The partnership was announced earlier this year to develop a series of new mobile gaming apps starting with ‘Pikmin Bloom’. Co-owner of Pokemon Company, Nintendo recently launched a 5-on-5 strategic team battle game, Pokémon UNITE on iOS and Android devices. With a new battle pass “Galactic Ghost 094”, Pokémon UNITE enables trainers to devise a strategy and work as a team to defeat opponents.

Pikmin bloom

New Pikmin Bloom game on iOS brings walking back in vogue to embark on Pikmin adventures to grow, collect and create memories

In Pikmin Bloom, players will have to walk to get things done like grow their Pikmin and once they are big enough players will be able to pluck their creatures and have them trail along. The more one walks the larger ones Pikmi squad will get.

There are seven types of Pikmin players can meet on their adventures, each with its own unique characteristic. “For example, some can fly, and others are incredibly strong. When your friendship level reaches a certain threshold, your Pikmin may bring back a gift with an item that will help them become a Decor Pikmin.”

Pikmin Bloom

In the AR world of Pikmin, players can bloom flowers by walking and collecting petals to plant them on their trials. Tackle challenges with their Pikmin. And at the end of the day, players can log in their step count for the day and go through the pictures they took. They can also send their “Pikmin out on expeditions to pick up the fruit and seedlings you passed on your way back home!”

Grow your Pikmin, make flowers bloom, and keep track of your precious memories, all through the simple act of walking. Whether you’re going for a short walk around the corner or commuting to work, today’s the very first day of the rest of your Pikmin adventures! Gather your squad and embark on a journey of rediscovery where every step counts.

Pikmin Bloom is available on the App Store for free with in-app purchases for items and in-app currency ranging from $2.99 to $159.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 12.0 or later. However, it is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.

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