Apple airs new iPhone 7 ad showcasing features

Apple has aired its first iPhone 7 TV ad, available also on YouTube. The ad highlights iPhone 7’s new cameras, water-resistant body, stereo speakers and longer battery life. The ad does not feature any clear shot of iPhone 7 but shows different parts of it to drum up the hype, as we head towards the launch date of September 16h.

Apple airs new iPhone 7 ad

For long time followers of Apple, this ad will jump out as a sudden departure from the usual bright ads of the past. The ad does not have the popular white background of other Apple ads and does not even show the product completely. Shots of wild animals and other natural elements are mixed with shots of different parts of iPhone 7.

The ad features everything from a forest, owl, deer, orchestra, water, boxer, lightning and other things in less than a minute. The shot of an owl transitions into a visual of iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras, Orchestra turns into the stereo speakers, a deer is shown in the distance to showcase iPhone 7 Plus’ telescopic lens and water drops on the iPhone 7 showcase its water resistance. The jet black iPhone 7 body is also highlighted as the ad ends with shots of its shine with different elements surrounding it.

The second last frame of the ad shows the launch date which is September 16th, followed by the Apple logo.

iPhone 7 is already pre-ordered like hot cakes as per statements by T-Mobile and Sprint. The Jet Black iPhone 7 is already giving delivery dates of October and beyond. With changes like brand new cameras and ISP, new colors, cleaner antenna design, water resistance, super-fast performance, longer battery life and so on, iPhone 7 has turned out to be way better than what people were expecting it to be. Despite a familiar design, it is a major upgrade and should be enough of a reason to upgrade, especially for those who are still using iPhone 6 and earlier models.

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