Apple extends defer payments for Apple Card customers due COVID-19 pandemic

Apple and Goldman Sachs are allowing Apple Card users to further skip their payments without any interest charges or penalties in the United States. In June, users can still use Apple’s Customer Assistance Program to skip their Apple Card payments without any penalty. In March, the company issued a leniency policy for recovery of deferred payments when COVID-19 related lockdowns were imposed to stop transmission, and now when the situation is still uncertain, that decision is still in effect for June as well.

In March, an official email communicated the decision to Apple Card users. It said:

“We understand that the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone and some customers may have difficulty making their monthly payments. Apple Card is committed to helping you lead a healthier financial life.

Should you need assistance, please click here to be connected to Apple Card support via Messages and enroll in our Customer Assistance Program, which will allow you to skip your March payment without incurring interest charges.”

Customers who were previously enrolled in this program have to enroll themselves again to avail Apple’s no-interest offer. Users must note that if they skip payments without enrolling in the program, they will be charged interest and will have to pay penalty for the delay.

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has also donated millions of dollars to the global COVID-19 fund and actively contributed in assisting health authorities to flatten the curve of transmission. After almost two months of closure, the company is slowly starting to re-open Apple Stores around the globe by imposing safety precautions for public and staff safety.

The annual WWDC conference too, was switched to an online-only format for this year, as everyone continues to practice social distancing. However, the pandemic has not disrupted the Cupertino HQ’s supply chains and the company is on-track with the production and release of new products.

How to skip Apple Card payments without interest

Enrolling in the Customer Assistance Program is a simple two-step process. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Open Messages App or Wallet App.
  2. Text Apple that you would like to enroll in the Customer Assistance Program by clicking this link
    Apple Card

The present circumstances due to COVID-19 bring unusual financial challenges for users. Therefore, if you are having trouble making your monthly payments then be sure to sign-up for Apple’s program. Users can more about learn how to the Customer Assistance Program on Apple Support or by clicking here.

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