Apple Card Family members, 18 years or older,  will be able to order physical titanium cards

Apple expanded its Family Sharing feature to its credit card as well at the Spring Loaded event on April 20. The company announced a new Apple Card Family feature for users to share their accounts with up to 5 family members so they can build their credit together. One a single monthly bill, the account can be shared with teens and you’d adults in the family with visibility of each member’s activity, ability to set a spending limit, and much more.

Ahead of the expected release this month, the Apple Card Family support page mentions that 18 years or older participants will be able to order Apple’s titanium card. The physical credit card will be useful for purchases in stores without Apple Pay support.

Apple Card Family

Apple Card Family – Features

Apple allows the Apple Card holder to co-own the account with one family member and share it with four other participants. As per the recently published support page, co-owner and participants can be added and removed conveniently and older participants can order their physical cards.

  • They (owner and co-owner) can add or remove participants and order a titanium Apple Card for participants who are 18 years or older.
  • If they’re 18 years or older, they can order their own titanium Apple Card

Apple Card Family

Account co-owners and participants can work together to build their credit history by sharing responsibilities and enjoying benefits.

  • All participants get their credit reported in their own name, equally
  • Immediately, use their unlimited Daily Cashback
  • Set transaction limits and view and receive notifications of members’ activity (positive and negative)
  • Request for credit limit increase

Owners and co-owners can close Apple Card account at any time but will have to pay the outstanding bill. However, 18 years or older participants are not responsible for payments. They can also:

  • If they’re 18 years or older, they can opt-in to build their credit and be reported on the account2
  • If a participant is 18 years or older and doesn’t want to be part of the Apple Card Family, they can apply for their own Apple Card account.3 If their application is approved and they accept their Apple Card offer, they get their own account and are removed from the shared Apple Card account.

How to set up Apple Card Family 

Apple Card account holders can easily set up the family sharing feature by the following steps:

  1. Tap on their Apple Card in the Wallet app
  2. Tap on the More button > people > Share My Card
  3. Select a member to join the Family Sharing group and tap on the Invite Someone option. For co-owner tap on ‘Become Co-owner’ and to add participants, to on ‘Add as Participants’.
  4. Provide the requested information and authenticate with your passcode.
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