Apple supplier Foxconn adopting new camera assembly process for iPhone this year to reduce costs

According to a new report, Apple is adopting a new camera assembly process for iPhone. Rather than acquiring camera lenses together and having them pre-assembled, the tech giant will now individually produce each of the camera lenses in an effort to save costs.

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Foxconn will use a new camera assembly process for iPhone this year as a cost-saving measure

As reported by The Elec, Apple supplier Foxconn is adopting a new camera assembly process this year to try and reduce costs. Prior to this, Apple’s ‌double and triple camera modules were produced by its suppliers LG InnoTek, Sharp, and O’Film.

Up to last year, Apple has procured double and triple camera modules from its suppliers LG InnoTek, Sharp and O’Film that are pre-assembled.

But it is now procuring these camera modules individually and gave the job of assembly to Foxconn. The measure is being done to save cost.

Hyvision’s main customer LG InnoTek is seeing its share in Apple’s camera supply chain increase due to O’Film being dropped after allegations of forced labor in China. LG InnoTek and Sharp are the Cupertino tech giant’s only camera component suppliers as of now.

In preparation for the new production responsibility, Foxconn has obtained new inspection equipment from the South Korean firm Hyvision System. The kit inspects whether the wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto cameras’ lenses, including their optical axis and image sensors, are correctly aligned on ‌iPhone‌ models. An incorrect axis could result in a drastic difference between what a user sees through the camera and what picture they end up with.

The measure is reportedly being adopted to save costs but we do not know if those savings will result in a price difference for customers. In addition to this, it is hard to tell whether this new camera assembly process will be used for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 lineup.

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