Apple’s new humorous ad takes a jab at people oversharing private information with strangers

Apple has recently shared a new humorous privacy-centered ad about people oversharing confidential information as a way to highlight the importance of keeping users’ data safe and to justify the company’s recently updated privacy features which are designed to keep user’s data safe. The ad runs with the tagline,

“Somethings should not be shared. Apple helps to keep it that way.”

The company started its “Privacy. That’s iPhone” ad campaign in 2019. It features several clips emphasizing the importance of digital privacy, and ways that the tech giant’s devices can help protect it. Recently, the new iOS Privacy features are subject to attack by developers and marketing managers like Facebook and Google, who are finding it hard to track users’ activities on the web and their data.

Apple iOS 14

Apple’s New Ad Showcases new iOS Privacy Features

This latest ad, titled “Over Sharing”, features various people telling others around them personal and confidential details about their lives — such as their credit card numbers, internet search history, and their workout heart rate to random people around them. The concept of the video is to highlight the importance of keeping one’s online activity private by showcasing that sharing such information online is like sharing it with strangers.

The ad begins with a man shouting in a bus full of people that he “browsed eight sites for divorce attorneys today.” It also features a woman giving out her login information to strangers in a movie theater, two co-workers yelling their private chats across the room, a man yelling out his heart rate while power walking, and finally, a woman shouting her credit card details through a megaphone in the park.

Each of the examples is meant to highlight a different Apple service and the privacy protections they offer, the company said, including Safari, Apple Maps, Apple Pay, and iMessage. The examples also point at some new iOS 14 privacy features, for example, people sharing their internet search history hints at the Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature in Safari and Apple Pay’s ability to mask real credentials with a temporary number.

“Some things shouldn’t be shared. That’s why the iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy,” the tech giant wrote in the video description.

Apple iOS 14

Apple has long had a focus on protecting user privacy and data, with CEO Tim Cook frequently calling privacy a fundamental human right. The tech giant’s upcoming software update focuses heavily on protecting the data of users.

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