iOS 14 privacy feature gives restricted photo library access to apps

A new ‘Privacy for your Photos’ feature discovered in iOS 14 beta lets users control over which content they will like to give access of to an app. Uncovered by Benedict Evans, the Photos app now allows users to give limited access to apps.

Apple has released many new privacy features in iOS 14. All the new features are designed to bring transparency over which app can access users data and gives more control to users to minimizes tracking attempts.

New Privacy For You Photos in iOS 14

As per the discovery, when an app requests access to Photos on an iOS device, users can choose one of the three options:

  • Select Photos
  • Allow Access to All Photos
  • Don’t Allow

Privacy for your Photos’ accompanying description reads:

“Your photos and memories are personal. Apple’s new privacy controls lets you decide what photos and videos you share. When an app asks for permission to access your photo library, you have the choice to select specific items or allow access to all photos and videos.”

iOS 14 Logo

Updated Privacy Features

iOS 14 is packed with other useful privacy features like the recording indicator. The recording indicator gives users a visual signal whenever an app will use their microphone or camera. A orange dot appears on the top right corner of the status bar.

iOS 14

Apple now also requires apps to ‘ask for permission’ before tracking users via websites and apps owned by other companies. The company has also asked developers to list down how much user data will they collect in their apps. Developers will have to state if they are collecting personal data of users such as their financial information, or if they are collecting other data like location.

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