6th year in a row, Apple crowned the most relevant brand of 2021 – Report

As per Prophet’s 2021 brand relevance index (BRI), Apple is the most relevant brand of 2021. The study surveyed over 13000 consumers, considered 228 over 25 categories to compile a list of top 50 brands based on four principles: customer-obsessed, ruthlessly pragmatic, distinctively inspired, and pervasively innovative. And for the 6th year in a row, Apple has won consumers heart with its innovative products to fulfill their needs.

The top brands from this year’s BRI have found compelling ways to fill the missing needs of consumers dealing with the global pandemic — making them feel comfortable, nurtured and connected.

Apple BRI 2021

Brand Relevance Index of 2021 is lead by Apple, again

As per the report, the Silicon Valley tech giant achieved a near-perfect score in all four principles of relevance. Consumers are offered a variety of innovative products from mid-to-high price range to choose from iPhone SE 2020, M1 Macs, and 2020 iPad models. In addition, the company’s original Apple TV+ content is also attracting users.

Apple takes the top honor again as No. 1 in our survey, with near-perfect scores in all four drivers of relevance. This year, it continues to earn adoration with innovation, dependability and inspiration. Among the first retailers to proactively close stores, the launch of a lower-priced iPhone landed at just the right moment for cash-conscious consumers. Updated Macs and iPads dazzled homebound workers and students. And with Apple TV (we love you, Ted Lasso) it’s establishing itself as a content genius, too.

Apple BRI 2021

Prophet explains that top brands are “multi-skilled players” who are constantly evolving with changing consumer trends and offer new products faster than their competitors. “They are attentive, intuitive, and increasingly human, creating experiences that genuinely touch the lives of their customers.” And Apple has done exactly that, yet again, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple continues in first place, as it has every year, by delivering top marks across all drivers of relevance. But newcomers, including Peloton, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Costco, emerge in leading positions for the first time.

After months of pandemic living, political upheaval and social unrest — and with limited real-life interaction — people are seeking brands that enable compassion, community and connection. They want comfort and an occasional escape. And they demand that brands show up as truthful and transparent — while keeping their promises. As they weather some bleak moments, consumers want brands that will commit to building a brighter future and stronger society.

Recently, in an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook called 2020 the best year for innovation ever for his company.

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