Apple Music starts offering new ‘Essentials Anniversaries’ category

Apple has started offering a new Essentials Anniversaries section on Apple Music aimed at celebrating major milestones of artists. The category features a ton of artists including Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, and P!ink.

Essentials Anniversaries

‘Essentials Anniversaries’ is the ultimate way to listen to an artist’s biggest hits over the years on Apple Music

Previously, Apple Music offered an Essentials playlist featuring an artist’s biggest and most memorable hits. The playlist is curated by Apple Music editors and showcases the best work of an artist. Now, Apple Music offers an Essentials Anniversaries section which is a curated list of albums.

Apple Music Essentials Anniversaries

“Essential albums are the ones you come home to, the ones you swear by,” says the tech giant in the description of the category. “They’re classics and game-changers-records that’ve defined eras, careers, movements and moments in time.” It continues, “This is the place on Apple Music where we celebrate Essentials as they approach milestone anniversaries,” it continues, “with exclusive artist interviews, live events and extended Editors’ Notes.”

On May 21, Apple will showcase the first album in the section, Radiohead’s OK Computer which is turning 25 years old. Along with highlighting the album’s anniversary, Apple will also offer selections from the album, music videos and a special Apple Music Radio show also called Essentials Anniversaries with DJ Matt Wilkinson.

Currently, Apple Music Radio show is only available for OK Computer, not all the albums featured in the Essentials Anniversaries category. Apple’s Essentials Anniversaries is still rolling out worldwide but it should become available to all Apple Music subscribers soon.

Apple this week also announced that Apple Music will start live streaming concerts this week as part of a new series: Apple Music Live. The series recently kicked off with a live performance of Harry Styles in New York. Apple Music’s landing page for the event includes an interview with the artist about the making of the album, a link for fans to pre-add the album to their library, and several playlists focused on Styles. 

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