Apple highlights Black photographers in latest Shot on iPhone feature, “Hometown”

To celebrate Black History month, Apple commissioned more than 30 Black photographers across the United States to capture and share a close look at Black culture through their unique perspective in its latest Shot on iPhone feature, “Hometown”

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro boasts a 3-camera layout on the back of the phone with a 47 percent larger main camera sensor. The phone also has a new telephoto lens that has an f/2.2 aperture and 5x optical zoom, while the main wide-angle lens has an aperture of f/1.6. This allows for 27% more light for better photos. The smartphone also features sensor-shift stabilization, along with OIS.Shot on iPhone "Hometown"

Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign “Hometown,” highlights Black photographers

Photographers from Washington D.C., Chicago, Southern California, Detroit, and the Bronx captured images from their neighborhoods that embody their local culture with Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro. Each photographer also goes into detail about what they love most about their community, neighborhood, and culture. The individuals also discuss how the iPhone serves as a great instrument to help capture the perfect shot.

The result of this collaboration is a series of stunning raw photographs that capture Black culture up close. The photographers focus on people, trends, and places that each creator thought embodied their hometown.Shot on iPhone "Hometown"

“Black comes in different skin tones, hair textures, sounds, languages and dialects, and cultures. It’s more of a spectrum,” says D.C.-based photographer Julien James.Shot on iPhone "Hometown"

“Since I was young, my mom taught me the importance of knowing our history. She also taught me that everything Black was excellent. Malcolm X was excellent. Martin Luther King Jr. was excellent,” says Lawrence Agyei, who lives in Chicago. “I grew up in Italy, where schools didn’t really teach African American history, so my mother made sure that I knew about the leaders and movement of my people.”Shot on iPhone "Hometown"

If you would like to see more work from these creators, you can head to Apple’s Instagram page where the tech giant will be featuring more work from Black artists during the month of February.

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