Apple Silicon iMac makes an appearance in Xcode crash logs

The often rumored Apple Silicon iMac just made an official appearance thanks to an Xcode crash log for a third-party app. The log indicates that the developer’s app was being tested internally by Apple employees on an unannounced ARM 64-bit iMac, running macOS 11.2.1.

Apple Silicon iMac

Apple Silicon iMac shows in crash logs for Mac developers

Other than the name of the device and code type in the crash log reporter, nothing else can be gained from this minor leak. The crash log was from a Mac SoundCloud app called DaftCloud (check it out if you use SoundCloud, it’s awesome), and its developer Dennis Oberhoff shared the screenshot of the log with 9to5Mac. Apple Silicon iMac crash log

In response to this, another Mac developer, Betamagic, shared a screenshot of their recent crash logs, which also show an Apple Silicon iMac as the device, and macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 as the operating system.

These logs do very little to provide any details on the hardware that will on these new devices. No information on the processor, memory, and other hardware can be gained from them.

However, we have sufficient information from leaks that say that Apple is working on a brand new design for Apple Silicon iMacs, which will be inspired by the thin bezels, rounded corners design of iPad Pro, iPad Air, Pro Display XDR, and iPhone 12. Apple will also put faster M-series chips, will have an estimated 20 cores, which should make it much faster than the M1 Macs. It is unclear what Apple will do for dedicated GPUs for its iMacs, but if the M1 chip is any indication, they will likely have powerful integrated graphics planned for the all-in-one Macs.

Apple is also planning two new display sizes for the Apple Silicon iMacs: 24-inch and 32-inch. The new iMacs are also rumored to launch with 5 new color variants, inspired by the original iMac colors from 1998, when Steve Jobs had just re-joined Apple.

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