Apple stops selling Apple Watch Edition and Series 3

After eight years after its debut, Apple has stopped selling Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Edition was the most luxurious model of the Apple Watch and went through many iterations throughout its lifetime, ever since the first one was released with an 18kt gold casing in yellow and rose gold variants.

The price of the first Edition model ranged between $10,000 – $17,000, however, it went down considerably in subsequent updates.

The likely reason is that Apple Watch Edition did not sell as well as the company hoped, while other models including the base models, Nike version, and Hermès versions, sold much better. This year, alongside Apple Watch Series 8 and second-generation Apple Watch SE, Apple also launched a new high-end Apple Watch Ultra for athletes, which ships with a titanium case.

Apple Watch Edition

Timeline of Apple Watch Edition

The premium version of Apple’s smartwatch launched in 2015, alongside other first-generation models. Here is a timeline of the changes that the luxury smartwatch went through over the years:

First generation: this was the original Apple Watch Edition that launched with an 18kt gold casing which was available in yellow and rose gold. The price ranged from $10,000 to $17,000.

Second generation: Apple Watch Edition Series 2 was the first model with a new white ceramic case color option. The previous gold casings were removed.

Third generation: the third generation launched with white and gray ceramic case color options.

Fifth generation: the fourth version was the first Apple Watch to launch with natural and space black titanium case color options, alongside the existing white ceramic case color option.

Sixth generation: Apple removed the ceramic color options and sold this generation with just the natural and space black titanium case color options.

Seventh generation: Apple continued to sell this version with natural and space black titanium case colors.

The most expensive model that Apple now sells is the Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 model, which costs $1,759.

Despite selling an SE variant, Apple Watch Series 3 was still being sold by the company until a few months ago. The smartwatch cost $199, however, it had aging components and had issues with software updates multiple times.

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