Apple stops signing iOS 15.3, downgrades no longer possible from iOS 15.3.1

Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.3, which means that downgrades to iOS 15.3.1 and older versions of iOS are no longer possible. iOS 15.3 was released in January with a security fix, while iOS 15.3.1 was released last week with bug fixes and a security patch.

iOS 15.3

iOS 15.3 no longer signed by Apple

As Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.3, it means that users can not downgrade to the software version anymore. If an iPhone or iPad needs to be restored, it will be upgraded to iOS 15.3.1, which is the latest stable iOS version at the time of writing. It shipped with a bug fix for non-responsive Braille displays, and a security fix for a WebKit flaw that may have been actively exploited. 

Apple regularly stops signing older versions of iOS whenever new updates are released. This pushes users to stay up to date with the latest version of iOS and ensures that they have the current security updates.

This practice also discourages jailbreaking as users who jailbreak their devices are not able to upgrade to a new iOS release immediately. Unless a jailbreak is available for the newer iOS update, users have to either stay on an older version of the operating system or give up their jailbreak and upgrade.

Apple is currently beta testing iOS 15.4 with developers and public beta testers. The update is being tested with the following new features and changes:

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