Apple is surveying users about discontinued 12-inch MacBook’s features, opinions on size, and more

The 12-inch MacBook proved to be a very popular model for Apple due to its fanless design, size, portability, the first-ever butterfly keyboard, and more. However, after some time the tech giant discontinued the model due to the overall declining appeal.

Now, Apple is sending out surveys to select owners of the discontinued 2015 12-inch MacBook model asking their opinion about the feature set, ideas for improvement on the laptop’s size, and much more.

MacBook 2015

Apple sends out surveys to discontinued 12-inch MacBook users, gathering info about size, features, and more

The Cupertino tech giant announced the 12-inch MacBook as a super-light and thin laptop designed for customers that desire an ultra-portable notebook. The laptop started at $1299 and was the first-ever Mac to feature the butterfly keyboard. The 12-inch form factor gained popularity because users enjoyed the thin and light design offered.

Apple updated the MacBook in 2016 and 2017 but discontinued it in 2019 shortly after the launch of the redesigned MacBook Air with Retina Display. The survey sent out by the tech giant is to select owners of the 12-inch MacBook consisted of questions regarding the laptop’s size, features, and what changes they would make to the laptop.

Perhaps, with the existence of Apple Silicon, now might be the best time to redesign and launch the 12-inch MacBook. There were a few problems with the laptop, for instance, the fanless design meant that the 12-inch MacBook could only accommodate a specific Intel chip, critically limiting the machine’s performance. Various users were also experiencing problems with the butterfly keyboard, which is why the tech giant issued free keyboard replacements.

After several hurdles, the tech giant discontinued the product and reintroduced the scissor-switch keyboard and if the company decides to relaunch the 12-inch MacBook it will most likely stick with the updated keyboard switches to avoid potential problems. With the M1 performing wonders in the fanless cooling design featured in MacBook Air, it is highly expected that the Cupertino tech giant has something planned for the 12-inch MacBook in the future.

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