Apple could partner with Japanese Toyota Motors to manufacture Apple Car by 2024 – Report

Apple Car has started to sound real than just an alleged product. Numerous reports and patents indicate that Apple’s autonomous passenger vehicle will launch, sooner rather than later. In reference to the electric vehicles (EV) manufacturing, DigiTimes reports that during its visit to Asia, Apple has met with Japanese automaker Toyota Motors Corporation for the mass production of Apple Car by 2024.

Recently, it was reported that the Cupertino tech giant is looking to partner with South Korean manufactures for EV components like LG, SK Group, and Hanwha. Earlier sources claimed that Apple was in talks with Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, BMW, and Canoo for Apple Car manufacturing.

Apple Car

Expected features of Apple Car

Although Apple has not confirmed or denied the development of its EV, speculators are already excited about what the company will offer. Based on industry sources and granted patents, Apple’s EV will use a revolutionary new monocell battery which will reduce power consumption and deliver long-range. The alleged lithium iron phosphate battery would be manufactured in the United States by Foxconn or Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Aleees.

The EV will be equipped with multiple LiDAR sensors to detect objects to map out the surroundings for autonomous driving, AR display, its self-driving chip will be provided by TSMC, and more.

Although Tesla is the leading autonomous electric car, the battery pioneer Akira Yoshino says that Apple is the company to look out for in regard to the future of mobility. And Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty believes the same:

“When you think about what will differentiate the car of the future, it’s certainly being creative around new supply chains. It’s about vertical integration of different components, hardware design, software, and ultimately, the services that can be delivered in that automobile. It’s about consumer trust and credibility, and certainly brand when it comes to a consumer product. And all of those categories are ones where Apple is a leader.”

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