Apple’s innovation under Tim Cook encapsulates Steve Jobs’ legacy, and Apple Car will too – Analyst

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been managing the reigns of the $2.5 trillion company for 10 years now. And the Cupertino tech giant has offered incredible innovation during that stint, across electronic and service products, including Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple Music, Apple TV+, M1 Macs, iPad, and more. In a recent episode of the Apollo Effect podcast series, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty discussed Tim Cook’s leadership and the potential of Apple Car to make huge waves in the auto industry.

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Steve Jobs would have been proud of Tim Cook’s leadership and amalgamation of innovation and design

Since 2020, reports on Apple Car have flooded the industry which gives some certainty that if not sooner, than later Apple EV will shake the auto industry with great technology in an amazing design. Commenting on autonomous passenger vehicles, Huberty said that Apple has all the ingredients to deliver a great car of the future.

“When you think about what will differentiate the car of the future, it’s certainly being creative around new supply chains. It’s about vertical integration of different components, hardware design, software, and ultimately, the services that can be delivered in that automobile. It’s about consumer trust and credibility, and certainly brand when it comes to a consumer product. And all of those categories are ones where Apple is a leader.”

Apple Car - Tim Cook

In addition, she also expressed that Tim Cook has successfully carried on Steve Job’s legacy while building his own by focusing on design and innovation. Jobs would be very proud of him.

“I really think that Tim Cook has done a pretty phenomenal job allowing for Steve’s legacy to carry on, protecting that legacy while building his own very separate legacy. Steve was very much about design and innovation and getting in the weeds in those two areas.

Tim has allowed the culture of the company to continue on that front, but at the same time, he’s layered in some of the softer aspects that are harder to measure,” she added, noting that Cook has successfully scaled operations while placing a greater focus on areas like employee benefits, charitable giving, and environmental responsibility.

I think if Steve was looking down, he would be very proud of the way that Tim has built his own legacy while protecting the culture and the differentiation around design and innovation that Steve started.

Previously, investor Warren Buffet said that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is one of the best managers in the world. And there has been speculation that Mr.Cook might step down from his role by 2025 after overseeing the launch of another product category, presumably AR glasses.

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