Following the success of Greyhound, Apple wants to acquire more blockbuster films

Apple’s World War II drama “Greyhound” starring Tom Hanks, one of the first well-received titles on its streaming service, has encouraged Apple to launch more feature films on its streaming service. It is reported that the Cupertino tech will adopt a ‘Netflix-like’ strategy for Apple TV+. This could mean that new releases will come at a faster pace on Apple’s streaming service, possibly one new movie per month.

Apple looking to acquire more ‘Netflix-like’ hit films

A source told Fast Company that the Cupertino tech giant is set to release a dozen new movies a year on Apple TV Plus. Two to four of those would be blockbuster-type titles such as “Greyhound” and “Emancipation” starring Will Smith. Currently, the company is still acquiring films from several Hollywood studios. The company reportedly said that it is in the market for “more tentpole-like feature films.”

Currently, Greyhound is the most prominent film that has released been released by the streaming service so far, costing the company an estimated $70 million to acquire from Sony after its plans to release the movie in theaters had to be changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Contrarily, Apple TV+’s current film catalog is small and consists of lower-budget films. It is estimated that thirty percent of the people who watched the film on its debut weekend were also new ‌Apple TV‌+ subscribers.

Apple TV+

The streaming service is also making strides in terms of series. The company recently announced that it has ordered a metaphysical thriller based on the “The Shining Girls” by Lauren Beukes. The show will feature Elisabeth Moss in a starring role and Leonardo DiCaprio as an executive producer.

Despite the tech giant’s interest in launching more films, a source made it clear that the company still wants its catalog to be very curated and not cluttered like Netflix’s. The company is also looking for oppurtunities to bid for films that won’t be shown in theaters due to the global pandemic. Additionally, the company is purchasing older movies to build its catalog and to encourage people to remain subscribed to the service for longer.

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