Apple TV+ rated highest in terms of user privacy out of all streaming services – Report

According to a new report, Apple TV+ provides the best privacy among other streaming service competitors that sell user data to third-party companies and track viewing habits for target ads. A new report from Common Sense Media aims to shed light on the fact that it’s not just free streaming apps that are selling users’ personal information, most paid services are also selling users’ data.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ offer high levels of privacy compared to competitors like Amazon and Netflix

The recently published report details the privacy of both streaming services and devices. Each product was ranked on a number of criteria including whether they track users, sell data, and more.

Privacy and security are intertwined, and security is the foundation of effective individual privacy. When evaluating whether to have children use streaming apps at home or in the classroom, parents and  teachers need to understand both the privacy policies and security practices of the device. To create a truly comprehensive evaluation process, the Common Sense Privacy Program completes a full,in‐depth, 150‐point inspection of a product’s privacy policies in order to offer privacy ratings that
are easy to understand.

The tech giant’s Apple TV devices and streaming services scored high on the privacy scale compared to services including, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+.

Apple received a 79% privacy rating for its hardware because of its data collection. However, Google TV received the highest overall privacy rating (81%) since it had a more transparent policy. Apple TV+ also received a 79% from the nonprofit organization since it’s the only streaming service with “privacy built-in by design.” The report notes that Apple does not have a higher score because it does not “provide any information about how they protect student data privacy if this product is used in K-12 schools and districts.”

As for other services, Google TV, YouTube TV, and Disney+ ranked the highest numerically but still had a “warning” rating. On the flip side, Netflix received the worst rating (46%) followed by Hulu (53%) which came in second-to-last.

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