Apple Watch helps save man’s life after he fell in freezing temperature

Apple Watch helped save an elderly man’s life in Morrow, Georgia, after he fell in freezing temperature which left him semi-conscious. His Apple Watch detected the fall and contacted the Clayton County Emergency Communications Center, who sent out the fire and police department to save him.

Apple Watch fall detection

Apple Watch fall detection proves useful again during life-threatening situation 

City of Morrow Fire Department Deputy Chief Jeff Moss told CBS46 that the Apple Watch’s GPS provided the closest address, which helped the fire and police department in searching the area to find the man in just 12 minutes after the watch placed the call. 

“Since an Apple Watch initiated the call, the location of the call could only be determined by the watch’s GPS, which reported the closest address. The Morrow Fire Department crew arrived on the scene with Morrow Police units and quickly noticed that the physical address was not where the patient was located and began a search of the perimeter.”

The man was found in a semi-conscious and confused condition and was extremely cold because of the weather. He was moved to the nearest hospital for treatment and was later released.

As per the fire department, the man’s condition could have been much worse had the Apple Watch not called the emergency department which helped them dispatch assistance right away.

As we covered before, Apple is working on improving Apple Watch’s life-saving features further by working on the ability to send victims’ health data to emergencies in case of falls, as well as dial 911 when there is a car crash.

A patent revealed that future Apple might introduce the ability to send the health data of victims of hard falls to emergency service so that paramedics can analyze and gauge their condition before reaching them physically. In addition, the company is reported to add new ‘crash detection’ feature on Apple Watch and iPhone to automatically dial 911 if the user gets into a car accident in 2022.

Apple also shared three 911 life-saving calls made via Apple Watch recently, to show how helpful it is in difficult situations.

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