Apple Watch SE 2 reviews roundup: “best” option for first-time buyers and casual users

The new Apple Watch SE 2 offers advanced features for a pocket-friendly price. Available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, the latest SE lineup offers a Retina display, high and low heart rate notifications, Irregular rhythm notifications, Cardio fitness notifications, cycle tracking, Crash detection, Compass Backtrack, and other capabilities for $299 (starting price).

After the lift of the embargo on the second-generation SE, we have compiled its reviews roundup for consumers to decide if it’s a worthy purchase or an upgrade from an older Apple Watch model.

Apple Watch SE 2

Apple Watch SE 2 is a “step up from the original”

CNET is impressed by the second-generation Apple Watch SE. Now, the cheapest smartwatch in Apple’s lineup, the new SE is powered by the same S8 chip as Apple Watch Series 8 and supports advanced features like Crash Detection, International emergency calling, an updated Compass app with Backtrack capability, Sleep tracking, and new Low Power mode for longer battery life. 

It is an ideal choice for first-time or casual Apple Watch users.

At $250, the Apple Watch SE is the best option for those who just want a smartwatch for tasks like reading iPhone notifications, tracking workouts, logging sleep and using Apple Pay from your wrist. Much like the iPhone SE, the Apple Watch SE offers the basics along with Apple’s newest processor at a more palatable price than its flagship counterpart. And if you want cellular connectivity, you only have to pay $50 extra for the LTE-enabled version, unlike the cellular Series 8, which costs $100 more than the GPS-only version.

The Apple Watch SE is a versatile and relatively affordable smartwatch. But it’s missing one feature I would have loved to see at this price: an always-on display.

Tom’s Guide also concludes that Apple Watch SE 2 is more suitable for first-time Apple Watch users who do not need advanced health tracking capabilities like the Apple Watch Series 8.

Get the new SE if you’re a first-time Apple Watch user who doesn’t have a true need for the full suite of health sensors. The Apple Watch SE (2022) is great for basic fitness tracking, communication and Family Setup. At $249, it’s perhaps the best value Apple Watch ever.

apple watch se 2

Tech Radar states that as an entry-level smartwatch, Apple Watch SE “could well be the best”. It is powered by the same S8 processor as Apple Watch Series 8 and offers Crash Detection, Low Power mode, fast charging, and other advanced technologies for an affordable price.

It’s hard to get too excited about the Watch SE 2, but Apple doesn’t necessarily want or need you to. All it’s after is offering a smartwatch that’s more affordable for some people but still brings access to the ecosystem of apps and services.

For the user, it’s a cheaper way to enter the connected Apple world and still get most of the key functionality that owning an Apple Watch can bring. If you don’t care about health metrics and aren’t intending to head up a mountain or go deep-sea diving with this strapped to the wrist, the Watch SE 2 should be the Apple smartwatch that you check out.

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