New Beats Flex earbuds announced with 12-hour battery life and USB-C port

Recently, Beats announced the new Beats Flex earbuds as ‘the ‘most affordable premium wireless earphones to date”. The new mid-range Beats Flex earbuds are a return of the neckband-style Beats X from 2017, with a fast-charging USB-C port, improved power efficiency, and more. The new earbuds will be available in vibrant colors for $49.99. 

“The ambition: make an accessible earphone that’s fit for the way we live today. An earphone that really shows up when we need it, and lays low when we don’t. From the main projects to the side hustle. One that’s made for everyone, every day.”

With new modifications, the Beats Flex will offer improved sound quality, mic performance, up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge. The earbuds will be available in black, yellow, blue, and gray on October 23.  

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Beats Flex with 12-hour battery life and USB-C 

The Beats Flex has a lightweight ”Flex-Form” cable that rests around the back of users’ neck like the Beats X. Each earbud can be magnetically attached to the other, when not in use for easy storage and also to automatically pause music when the buds are magnetically joined and play resumes once they are separated.

Beats describe the new features and technology as:

“Beats Flex employs a proprietary layered driver with dual-chamber acoustics to achieve rich, balanced sound with outstanding stereo separation. Laser cut micro-venting and an optimized driver angle ensure ear pressure relief and accurate sound delivery. Additionally, an advanced digital processor fine-tunes the audio for accurate bass, precise mids, and low distortion across the frequency curve.”

The Beats Flex earbuds will be charged via USB-C cable, signifying a move away from Apple’s Lightning connector, which was used on the Beats X. However, they retain the Apple W1 chip for instant pairing with iPhones or iPad and software features like audio sharing. Plugging them in for just 10 minutes will grant an hour and a half of listening time.

The move to USB-C is also a shows that Beats is making an effort to appeal to Android phone owners as well. The company offers an Android app that can be used for quick pairing and firmware updates. 

Beats Flex earbuds were announced on the same day as the iPhone 12 announcement. Maybe, for this reason, the Beats landing page was down on October 13, the day of the announcement. Now, we know that new iPhones will not be shipped with headphones in the box. As Apple owns the Beats brand, it is likely that the company is giving consumers a low-cost alternative for $50. 

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