Beats landing page removed from Apple website before October 13 ‘Hi, Speed’ event

It is observed that Apple has been quietly phasing out the Beats brand and products from its retail outlets and now from its online store. A tech publisher, Apple Terminal has found that the Cupertino tech giant has removed the Beats landing page from its website. This discovery reveals has churned speculations that the company is preparing for the launch of new over-the-head AirPods Studio on the October 13, 2020, ‘Hi, Speed’ event.

Scheduled at 10:00 a.m. PDT from the Apple Park, it is expected that the virtual event will be the launch of the new flagship iPhone 12 series along with other products like HomePod mini, AirTags, and the company’s own wireless AirPods Studio.


Apple Phasing out Beats Brand and Products

According to Apple Terminal’s research reveals that the iPhone maker removed the Beats landing page from its online store between October 2 and October 9. The landing page which gave an overview of all Beats products is now down when accessed on

Other sources have also observed the gradual phasing out of the Beats brand starting with the removal of its support website from Apple’s support pages, and retiring its updater utility which allowed users to upgrade their Beats speaker, headphones, and other products. In addition, it is also reported that Apple has stopped selling third-party headphones and speakers at it is retail stores.


In March, a leaker with a mixed-track record, Jon Prosser claimed that the company’s end game is to “gradually phase” out the Beats products and replace them with its own audio accessories like the rumored upcoming AirPod Studio.

According to Prosser, the new over-head headphones would retail for $349 and would be equipped with ear and neck detection sensors, audio routing, and custom equalizer in a retro- modular design. It is also reported that users will be able to interchange the oval-shaped ear cups with the thin metallic arms of the headset.

It goes without saying that, we should always wait for the event to know for sure what the company has planned. However, judging from the company’s previous track record we can assume that the company is strategically removing Beats products before the October 13 launch of its own headphone sets. In 2015, the Cupertino giant removed third-party fitness tracker before the launch of the first-generation Apple Watch.

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