Apple stops selling third-party speakers and headphones in its stores

Apple has stopped selling speakers and headphones from third-party manufacturers including Bose, Sonos, and Logitech, in its online and retail stores. The move comes just before the company is about to announce its new audio products: HomePod mini and Apple-branded over-ear headphones.

When you visit any link that previously took you to a Bose or Sonos product on the Apple Store, you are now greeted with a ‘produce no longer available’ message. In the Headphones & Speakers category in the Apple Store, all you see now are AirPods, Beats products, and EarPods. Apogee Sennheiser and Pioneer Rayz Rally Lightning-Powered Conference Speaker are still available for purchase, but this is because they are not competitors to any Apple products.

Apple stops selling Bose and Sonos speakers and headphones

Bloomberg reports that Apple has not only removed these products from its online store, it also instructed its retail store employees to remove speakers and headphones from other companies for sale. Apple had also notified Bose and Sonos in advance about the removal of their products from its stores.

Apple will be announcing its new Apple-branded over-ear headphones with modular parts soon. The headphones will retail for around $350 and will go head-to-head with premium headphones from the likes of Bose and Sony. It has been reported that the earpads and headband will attach magnetically to the frame for easy replacement and customization. The headphones will have a retro look, with the arms placed at the top of the ear cups instead of the sides.

The company will also be announcing a new cheaper HomePod mini. Not much is known about this product except that it will be cheaper than its larger variant, and will compete with smart speakers from Amazon and Google.

Apple is expected to announce its iPhone 12 launch event any day now, where it is expected to announce its new audio products too.

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