Users are getting banned for playing Call of Duty: Mobile on M1 Macs

There have been many reports of users getting banned for playing Call of Duty: Mobile on their new M1 Macs. The new M1 Macs let users run iPad and iPhone apps natively for the first time however, gamers should think long and hard before firing up the game.

Even though it seems like a very good option to open up Call of Duty: Mobile and connect a controller to enjoy fast-paced action on a bigger screen, the newest COD Mobile game has not been ported to Mac. 

Call of Duty Mobile

Playing Call of Duty: Mobile on M1 Mac will get you banned

A number of players attempted to play the game on an M1 Mac, and reported that their accounts have been banned. All of the progress has been lost and they are no longer able to log in. The ban is effective till 2030!

YouTuber, David Harry, has been testing iOS games on Mac. He posted a video with the same problem, also saying ‘Big warning. Don’t copy your iOS IPA App installer from your iPad or iPhone and then install it onto your Mac Mini M1 or MacBook Air M1 or MacBook Pro M1.’

Some players have also reported that by playing PUBG Mobile on an M1 Mac, their accounts got banned. Since these games do not recognize the hardware, it is still not clear whether the bans are inadvertent or intentional.

Some players have arrived at the conclusion that the game companies think that those players who are playing PUBG Mobile or CoD: Mobile on an M1 Mac are probably using jailbroken iOS devices. These titles, therefore, prohibit jailbreaking because it can very well be used to apply in-game exploits.

There has been no information given by Tencent or Activision on this matter. In the meantime, do be careful about which games you attempt to play on an M1 Mac, especially if you have precious data in the account that you do not want to lose.

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