Data transfer from iCloud, to other services, could be streamlined by EU’s Data Act

A new European Union (EU) law, the Data Act, seeks to empower consumers by expanding their choices and strengthening their privacy rights. The legislation will impact significant tech companies like Apple, with a particular focus on facilitating the smooth transfer of data from iCloud to alternative cloud service providers.

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How the EU’s Data Act promotes data portability for iCloud users

Tech companies often strive to retain users by making it difficult to switch to rival services. Data portability, a core principle of the Data Act, aims to grant consumers the freedom to effortlessly transfer all their online data from one service to another. This legislation challenges established companies’ advantages over emerging competitors and encourages healthy market competition. As reported by Reuters:

The new legislation gives both individuals and businesses more control over their data generated through smart objects, machines and devices, allowing them to copy or transfer data easily from across different services.

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The Data Act also empowers individuals by granting them greater control over their personal data. Tech giants, including Apple, will be required to comply with data usage rules and provide users options to determine how their information is shared and utilized. This legislation promotes transparency and safeguards privacy in an increasingly digital world.

It also gives consumers and companies a say on what can be done with the data generated by their connected products.

The Act makes it easier to switch to other providers of data processing services, introduces safeguards against unlawful data transfer by cloud service providers and provides for the development of interoperability standards for data to be reused between sectors.

The convenience of transferring data from iCloud will likely be an important consideration under the new law. While there are existing methods to transfer specific data types, such as photos, to other cloud service providers, the process of moving all iCloud data to a different provider can be cumbersome. The Data Act will likely demand a simplified and user-friendly method, enabling consumers to transfer their entire iCloud data with a single tap.

EU legislation undergoes a rigorous process before becoming law, and the Data Act is expected to take at least two years to finalize and apply to companies like Apple. Therefore, while this law signifies a significant step towards data portability and enhanced privacy protection, its immediate impact may still be some time away.

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