Family Passwords in iOS 17 allows iCloud Keychain password sharing with chosen family and friends

In iOS 17, Apple has added a new “Family Passwords” sharing feature in iCloud Keychain. Users will be able to share passwords with trusted family members and friends in their contacts. 

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s free password management service which allows users to save their passwords and confidential information like credit card details, passkeys, app usernames, and passwords or security codes safely and securely across their devices. It is a helpful tool as it auto-fills users’ information in Safari, or third-party apps and websites and saves time.

icloud keychain - family passwords

Here is how the new Family Passwords sharing works in iOS 17

iCloud Keychain users in iOS 17 will be able to create a trusted group of selected contacts with whom they will like to share their passwords and passkeys without any additional cost.

Although each group member will be allowed to decide which passwords or passkeys are shared and delete them at any time, the creator or the host of the group will be able to add or remove existing group members.

Shared passwords or passkeys will be stored in iCloud Keychain like regular passwords and will be protected with end-to-end encryption. 

How to set up Family Passwords sharing in iOS 17

  1. Open the Settings app > Passwords > Family Passwords.

Once enabled, every group member would be able to select passwords and passkeys to share with others like passwords of their Apple TV+ or Netflix subscriptions, 

Family Passwords sharing requirements in iOS 17

To use Family Passwords, each group member must be listed as a Contact in the Phone app and have an iPhone compatible with iOS 17. 

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