CarPlay in iOS 17 gains SharePlay support in the Music app, updated UI, and more

At WWDC 2023, Apple announced the new iOS 17 update which features an improved CarPlay experience with new SharePlay support in the Music app, real-time electric vehicle charging station availability, a new design for sending and playing back messages, and more along with several other exciting features.


CarPlay in iOS 17 makes playing music together easier and much more

Apple introduces iOS 17 with a brand-new Journal app and a slew of new features like StandBy view, redesigned Messages, and a new NameDrop feature with AirDrop as well as improvements for Siri, keyboard, stickers, and more. In addition, the software update includes the following new changes in CarPlay:

SharePlay support in the Music app and more

This allows all passengers in a car to control what music is playing from their own devices, even if they do not have an Apple Music subscription. The primary user can initiate a SharePlay session from CarPlay.

CarPlay in iOS 17 SharePlay

Real-time electric vehicle charging station availability

This shows the availability of public charging stations in real-time, so you can plan your route accordingly.

New design for sending and playing back messages

The Messages app has been redesigned for CarPlay, with a new layout that makes it easier to send and play back messages. As seen in this screenshot shared by Will Sigmon:


Interacting with Siri

Thanks to iOS 17, interacting with Siri also gets a refresh. Users running iOS 17 on a supported iPhone can now prompt the voice assistant by just saying “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri” while using CarPlay.

CarPlay in iOS 17 Siri

New wallpaper option with light and dark modes

With iOS 17 comes a new wallpaper option with both light (left) and dark (right) modes.

iOS 17 CarPlay light and dark mode

Other bug fixes and performance improvements

In addition to these new features, iOS 17 also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements for CarPlay.

Previously, it was reported that Apple will release the next-generation CarPlay with advanced features like support for widgets,  multiple screens, and integration with vehicle functions to control radio, temperature, and more, support for Apple Card Savings account, and “iMessage Contact Key Verification” later this year.

To use these new features, users will need to update their iPhone to iOS 17 and their car’s infotainment system to the latest version of CarPlay.

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