iOS 17 adds cross-fade transitions to Apple Music

Apple has finally addressed a long-standing user demand by introducing the highly anticipated cross-fade feature in iOS 17 for Apple Music.

This feature, previously available on the Android version of Apple Music and in iTunes on desktop, allows for a smooth transition between songs in playlists. While the beta version of iOS 17 has already encountered some issues, the official release slated for this fall is expected to bring a seamless and enjoyable music experience to iPhone users.

Apple Music

Enhanced Apple Music experience with cross-fade flow coming to iPhone this fall

iOS 17 introduces the option to cross-fade songs on Apple Music, ensuring a continuous flow of music without abrupt interruptions. With the feature enabled, when one track concludes, instead of an immediate switch to the next song, there is a gradual fade-out of the current track as the upcoming track fades in. This seamless transition adds a professional touch to playlists and enhances the overall listening experience for Apple Music subscribers.

Apple Music cross-fade

How to enable cross-fade in iOS 17

Enabling cross-fade in iOS 17 is a straightforward process. After updating to iOS 17, users can access the feature by navigating to Settings > Music > Cross-fade and toggling the corresponding option. To ensure awareness, iOS greets users with a notification highlighting the availability of the cross-fade feature upon launching the Music app for the first time after the iOS 17 upgrade.

Beta version concerns and compatibility

Although the initial beta version of iOS 17 encounters some technical issues, particularly with the cross-fade feature, it’s important to remember that betas are designed for testing purposes and are expected to have bugs. The Apple development team is diligently working on resolving these issues to provide a stable and functional experience in the final release.

iOS 17, including the cross-fade feature, is scheduled for a fall release as a free software update for iPhone models XS and later.

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