Download Minimal M2 Ultra wallpapers for Apple, Android and Windows devices

BasicAppleGuy started a wallpaper series for the M2 series chips in 2022. After Apple introduced the M2 Ultra chip in the 2023 Mac Pro and Mac Studio at the WWDC 2023 event, the series is completed with the launch of Minimal M2 Ultra wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

M2 Ultra wallpaper

Featuring the skeleton of each chip in “sexy” color gradients, the wallpapers for M2 series chips include Minimal M2 wallpaper, Minimal M2 Pro wallpaper, M2 Max wallpaper, and M2 Ultra wallpaper.

The M2 Ultra chip is created by combining two M2 Max chips through UltraFusion technology to double the performance. Therefore, it has a distinguished architecture from the other chips. 

M2 Ultra

Get the M2 Ultra wallpaper for any device in light and dark modes

Using the Sketch app, BasicAppleGuy created the M2 Ultra wallpaper by outlining the skeleton of the chip and highlighting the grid of its CPU, GPU, cache, and other components and used Apple’s gradient to shade it.

The wallpaper is available on the developer’s website in light and dark modes for no charge. Although, BasicAppleGuy states that the wallpapers are for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Android and Windows users can also download and use them on their devices for free as well.

These wallpapers were made by carefully outlining the skeleton of each chip inside Sketch, which is later used as the mask to reveal the grid of CPUs, GPUS, neural engine, cache and more that comprise each chip. Add a bit of shading here, splash on a sexy gradient there, and give the whole thing a 315ยบ rotation, and you have a finished minimal M2 wallpaper. Create a complimentary dark mode version, and you have an elegant new wallpaper that looks great on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Enjoy.

If you want to explore other wallpapers in the Minimal M2 series, they are also available on the website.

Previously, BasicAppleGuy introduced WWDC 2023 wallpaper for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and Saltern by Night wallpapers inspired by the photography of David Burdeny, Rancho Cucamonga wallpapers, and Van Gogh wallpaper collection for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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