Apple loyalist advises “enriched” investors to buy the latest products to give back to the company

A loyal investor in AAPL and financial adviser, Paul Lane has the recipe for the relationship between and the company and investors to be mutually beneficial. Lane suggests that all investors, enriched by the innovative products and technologies delivered by Apple, should buy the latest products and trade their old ones to support the company which is likely to fund their retirement.

Since Q1 2020, the Cupertino tech giant has seen incredible growth quarter after quarter. Despite the challenges faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Apple became first U.S company to hit a $2 trillion market value. In Q3 2021, the iPhone maker reported a record $81.4 billion in revenue with 36% Y-o-Y growth.

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Financial adviser proposes Apple investors grow the installed base and act as the company’s mobile showroom by replacing older products with new ones

Sharing his personal experience with Ped 3.0, Lane said that every year he and his wife always replace older iPhones, iPads, and other products with the latest models to support the Cupertino tech giant.

    • always buying the latest iPhone and iPad for myself and my wife
    • ditto for the Apple Watch
    • regularly updating our iMacs and laptops
    • buying Apple Care
    • subscribing to Apple One
    • etc.

Lane acknowledges that his contribution might be a small one but will add up the company’s sales figures. By selling older models, they not only get the capital to invest in new products but also get to enjoy the new technology. So for them, it’s a win-win situation.

The impact on Apple of these actions may be minuscule, but I feel it’s the least I can do. As a bonus, my wife and I get to own and enjoy the latest Apple products. In addition, by showing off our new acquisitions to friends and colleagues, we’ve probably helped Apple make some extra sales.

Just as importantly, I find a way to sell our year-old iPhones. They always command prices that substantially offset the cost of the new ones. I have done this with a dozen iPhones since our original iPhone 3GS, which means I have made a non-trivial contribution towards the iPhone’s growing installed base. Same with various iPads and Watches.


Lane concludes his message to fellow investors by saying that as a group they should be the company’s cheerleader in the real world to encourage others to not only upgrade but also to switch by increasing the install base.

I would like to encourage my fellow Apple 3.0 investors to consider doing the same. Why hold on to your iPhones or iPads for years? You can afford to buy the new ones with the generous returns of your Apple investment. Grow the installed base and act as a mobile showroom with Apple’s latest and greatest in your hands and on your wrist.

In September, consumers are expecting the new iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods 3, MacBook Pro models with a mini-LED display, and other products with major upgrades for faster performance and enhanced battery life. It is likely that new products will boost the company’s revenue even further.

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