Everything new in watchOS 10 Beta 5: features and bugs

Apple recently released watchOS 10 Beta 5 to developers and Beta testers, along with iOS 17 Beta 5, iPadOS Beta 5, macOS Sonoma Beta 5, and others. 

To get or install watchOS 10 Beta 5, users need to be a member of the Apple Developer program which costs $99 per month. 

If you want to install the new watchOS 10 Beta 5 update to try out the new feature but want to know if it’s worth the effort, then we have listed all the details of the latest watchOS developer beta for you to make a decision.

watchOS 10 Beta 5

New features and UI changes in watchOS 10 Beta 5

  • Update size
    • 481MB on Apple Watch Ultra
    • 765.1MB on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Build number: 10.0 (21R5332f). The “f” indicates that watchOS 10 is far from its final build and is not a very stable version. 

Here are all the changes we have found in the latest developer beta update:

  • Snoopy watch face is updated with a new dancing Snoopy animation with a longer duration than the other animations in the watch face. The watch face also gained eye movement, nose sniffing and other gestures for Snoopy.
  • App drawer opens easily by turning the Digital Crown. Previously, users had to tap on the App drawer option to access it.
  • Weather app on watchOS 10 shows the weather details and animations of weather conditions in real-time just like on iOS.
  • Heart animation in the Health app is faster to replicate the heartbeat or pulses and its color is more saturated.
  • A symbol for Bitcoin is added, along with other currencies.
  • Wallet app launched Apple Pay in Vietnam and Chile

watchOS 10 Beta 5

Bugs in watchOS 10 Beta 5

  • Notification bug which does not show notification on the smartwatch but shows on iPhone. 
  • Glitchy widgets. A bug leaves the text on the screen of previously viewed widgets as you pass through them.
  • Siri bug confuses the voice assistant and it does not understand what is said, sometimes.
  • The battery life on the Beta 5 is very poor, it drains out very fast.

Because of stability and bug issues, we will not recommend an upgrade or installation of watchOS 10 Beta 5. Users interested in trying out the new features can download watchOS 10 Public Beta which is more stable.

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