macOS and iOS Fortnite players given in-game currency for other platforms

Recently, Epic Games has released V-Buck to iOS and macOS Fortnite players which can be spent on other platforms. Players on Apple’s platform are victims of the legal battle between Epic Games and the iPhone maker, therefore, the in-game currency is credited to players as compensation by the game’s developer. 

The issue that sparked the legal battle between the two companies was Epic adding a new direct-payment system to bypass Apple’s 30 percent fee in a Fortnite update. As a consequence, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store.

Apple and Epic Games had a bitter falling out after the developer released an update with a new direct payment method on the Fortnite iOS app. Since then, the two companies have entangled in retaliatory actions and legal battles.


In light of these events, Epic replied with a civil lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company was violating anti-trust law. Epic also revealed that the Cupertino tech giant threatened to terminate the developer account used to support the company’s Unreal Engine platform, which would mean that Epic can not develop any games for iOS or Mac in the future.


iOS and macOS Fortnite players receive V-Bucks 

In a tweet and emails to plays, Epic Games announced the grand V-Bucks bonus to players on macOS and iOS which can be spent ‘on any platform’ starting November 9. 

“You purchased V-Bucks on iOS or Mac that are still in your account, however, these V-Bucks aren’t accessible on certain other platforms.

So, we’ve just issued a V-Bucks bonus to enable you to spend V-Bucks on any platforms supported by Fortnite including PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, and Android. To access them, log into your Fortnite account on any supported platform.

There’s no action needed on your part and no V-Bucks will be removed from your Fortnite account on Apple platforms. If we are able to update your Apple platform Fortnite game in the future, you will be able to access that account and all of the V-Bucks previously purchased.”


The reason for releasing V-Buck for other platforms by Epic is that Apple denied Epic the ability to further update the game which probably means that the version on macOS and iOS is stalled but other platforms continue to be developed. Previously, Apple was ready to welcome the Fornite back on its ecosystem if Epic Games had resubmitted the iOS Fortnite update without the direct payment option which the developer did not. 

On 23rd October, in response to Apple’s claims ‘Epic’s flagrant disregard for its contractual commitments and other misconduct has caused significant harm to Apple’, to which Epic made another filing to the court, saying its actions are a ‘far cry from the tortious – even purportedly criminal – conduct that Apple’s opposition depicts.’

Epic Games

No matter who is right in this case, it seems like this court battle will be stretched into 2021 and players are going to suffer as a consequence. Companies like Epic and Spotify are not the only ones concerned about Apple’s App Store practices. The U.S Department of Justice and state attorneys general began launching an anti-trust investigation into Apple’s App Store due to developers raising concerns over anticompetitive behavior.

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