Geohot Runs Away to South America During PS3 Jailbreak Case by Sony

Sony vs. George Hotz case has taken an interesting new turn. According to VGHQ, after the judge demanded George Hotz/Geohot to hand over his gadgets and storage devices, he just ran away to South America instead of complying with the court orders. It has also come to knowledge that the popular hacker lied about not ever having made a PSN account to the court according to the official documents.

George Hotz (Geohot) Runs Away to South America During PS3 Jailbreak Case by Sony

What this means is that George Hotz had agreed to the terms and conditions before using PlayStation Network due to which he is subject to trial according to the jurisdiction in California. That is what happens when you select ‘I agree’ without reading the terms and conditions, folks.

Earlier, Sony was granted a subpoena to access every IP address that visits, George Hotz personal website. Also keep in mind that George Hotz had set up a blog asking for donations to help in his legal battle against Sony. It was also revealed that Microsoft had also donated to help George Hotz.

It’s a sad thing to know for all Geohot fans that he has run away to South America after gathering so much donations and support from all his followers. We don’t know George Hotz’ part of the story yet so let’s wait and see what reasons he has to put forward for his escape to South America.

The whole issue started because George had jailbroken the PlayStation 3. The jailbreak was intended to allow installation of Linux operating system, which was one of the original PS3 features that Sony had announced but took away later. However, as with all jailbreaks, it leads to piracy issues which really irked Sony and forced them to take George to the courts. If one has to predict the outcome of this legal battle, it does not seem to favor Geohot at all.

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