Google Chrome finally gets Mica material in Windows 11

Google is finally bringing Chrome mica material support in Windows 11, making the browser’s tab strip more aesthetically appealing.

Google Chrome Mica Alt

Google Chrome mica material support always depends on the wallpaper

According to recent updates in the Chromium Gerrit, Google Chrome comes with an updated version of the title bar that features the mica material to align with the design style available on Windows 11. Mica and Mica Alt always depend on the wallpaper so that the result is always unique and personalized.

According to Microsoft’s documentation, the Mica and Mica Alt effects use the current wallpaper to create a highly-personalized experience in the applications, provide visual hierarchy, and increase clarity about which window is in focus.


If users want to experience the new design, it is enabled by default in the latest preview of Chrome and it is important to note that the new style is only available when not using any custom themes.

Users can also test Mica Alt in Chrome Canary and it does not require enabling flags or commands. Just head to the official Chrome Canary website, download and install the browser, and the material will be enabled. In addition, Microsoft is also planning to incorporate various other visual changes to the version of Chrome for Windows 11, including bigger buttons, rounded corners, and redesigned dialogs.

It is unclear when and if these changes will be incorporated into Chrome. Still, it is great to see Microsoft contributing to Chromium with user-favorite design changes.

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