How to fix Vertical Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons in iTunes 10 for OS X

Another gripe every user has with iTunes 10, apart from the colorless icons, is that what the heck were Apple thinking when they went against their own human interface guidelines with the vertical spotlight buttons? Even Microsoft or Google don’t do such grave mistakes when designing user interfaces. Thank God for the Apple friendly Internetz else they deserved to be on the receiving end of harsh criticism. iTunes10VertButtons

Fear not though, there’s a really simple fix for this mess that Apple has made with iTunes 10. Do the following to get back the good old horizontal spotlight buttons:

  1. Quit iTunes 10. Do this by quitting it from the dock or the menu bar and not simple ‘closing’ the app.
  2. Open up terminal. Type it in Spotlight search or find it in the Applications folder.
  3. Type in the following: defaults write full-window –1 and hit enter.

There you go! iTunes 10 fixed.iTunes10HorzButtons

Follow this guide as well on how to make iTunes 10 Colorful again on Mac and you’ll have iTunes back the way you’ve loved it.

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