Instagram is testing a new feature “Edit Grid” to rearrange their profile grid

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer expert, has discovered that Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to rearrange the posts in their profile grid. The expected feature will users another way to have more control over their Instagram experience. 

Recently, Head of the company Adam Mosseri announced that the platform will introduce three new feed options for users to select which posts they will like to see. With the new Favorites and Followers Feed options, the company is bringing back chronological feed which it abandoned years ago. 


Instagram might give users the freedom to rearrange their posts in the grid in any order 

According to the screenshots posted by Paluzzi, in the Settings of the app, a new “Edit Grid” option will be available in the Profile Information section. When enabled, users will be able to “drag and drop” their previously uploaded posts to rearrange them, in any order they like. 

If this feature is ever released, it will be my favorite because as an avid social media user, I do feel the need to reposition some memories to make my grid more aesthetic and visually appealing. 


Instagram has been working on new features to keep the platform relevant in the face of tough competition by TikTok. The company launched reels for users to record and post verticle videos and is working on more changes inspired by TikTok like providing creators with opportunities to make a living, full-screen video sharing, and more. 

After being scrutinized for not introducing measures to protect young users on the app, Instagram announced that it is testing a new “Take a Break” feature to take care of young users’ health, mental and physical. The new feature is designed to alert the users to try out some other activity and take a screen break, after the lapse of their set duration. The comeback of chronological feed is also part of that effort. 

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