iOS 10 Jailbreak demoed on video by hacker iH8sn0w

Popular hacker, iH8sn0w, has demonstrated an untethered iOS 10 jailbreak running on an iPhone 5, just a few days after it was released as a developer beta by Apple.

In case you don’t know, iH8sn0w is an old member of the jailbreak community and has released tools such as the popular sn0wbreeze and f0recast in the past.

The video proves that an exploit is available in iOS 10 beta that makes it possible to root the operating system and install Cydia on it. As per iH8sn0w, Cydia does not crash so no fixes or hacks are needed to make it work on iOS 10 beta. The demonstrated jailbreak is of the untethered kind, which means that it does not require re-jailbreaking every time the iPhone is restarted. iH8sn0w confirms this by remotely logging in as root user and rebooting the iPhone.

The last public jailbreak tool release was for iOS 9.1 in the form of Pangu. After that, the jailbreak release scene has been relatively silent, with the current iOS 9.3.x version still not jailbroken.

This demonstration does not increase the likely hood of a jailbreak release during iOS 10’s beta testing period and Apple might up their game by finding and killing the exploit. However, it goes on to prove that even after so many releases, Apple’s mobile operating system can still be jailbroken.

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