Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi discuss App Stores, iOS 10 and more in new interview

Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi appear on The Talk Show, hosted by John Gruber of Daring Fireball at WWDC 2016. The discussions range from iOS 10 to App Stores to differential privacy and deep learning.

This special episode of The Talk Show is hosted as a video on Vimeo. Here are some important discussions from the lengthy interview:

  • Opening up of iOS 10 to developers. Messages, Phone app, Maps, and Siri are open to third party app developers now.
  • Deletion of built-in apps in iOS 10 and how they are not really deleted as the binaries stay in iOS 10. The user data, icon, and references from other apps such as Siri, share sheets etc is removed. Most importantly: the removable built-in apps are only restored via App Store – they will not receive any updates via App Store.
  • App Store search ads, subscriptions and considerations behind its implementation.
  • Mac App Store and why it does not get the same amount of love as iOS App Store.
  • Mac auto-unlock via Apple Watch and its security considerations.
  • Photos app and it’s deep learning mechanism to scan photos. It’s discussed that each iOS device/Mac which syncs the iCloud photos will have to do the deep learning individually. So all your devices will have to do a lot of heavy load of work when iOS 10 is released for the first night or so, depending on the number of photos you have. This is kind of a letdown since any updates you make to faces will not sync across to your other devices.
  • Differential privacy and how it works. This brought in a discussion of a certain social network and search engine who do all the processing in the cloud.
  • iMessage and how it is the most popular app on iOS.
  • watchOS 3 and how Apple were able to make the apps instant. (Finally)

The interview is very entertaining and educative so make sure to get yourself a cup of coffee, set aside an hour and twenty minutes and watch the complete video below. It’s full of a lot of jokes and it is really good to see how Apple executives are up to date with the media, their competitors and aren’t afraid to laugh at them.

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