In iOS 16.5 beta 1, Siri can start a screen recording

The newly released iOS 16.5 beta 1 update features a useful improvement to Siri. Developers and beta testers can use the voice assistant to start a screen recording in iOS 16.5 beta 1.

On iOS 16.4 and earlier versions, Siri does not start a screen recording. When it is asked to start a screen recording, the voice assistant either says you have no such app installed or carryout out a web search.

Siri - iOS 16.5 beta 1

Make sure to use the words “start” and “stop” for Siri to use the Screen Record feature in iOS 16.5 beta 1

In iOS 16.5, users will be able to quickly start and stop screen recording by simply asking “Hey Siri, start a screen recording” and “Hey Siri, stop screen recording”.

This is a minor but very useful improvement on iOS. Currently, when users need to record a video of a workout, design, or recipe they have come across on social media, FaceTime video calls, or other content, they have to take multiple steps to start a screen recording.

  1. Swipe down the Control Center
  2. Tap on the screen recording button to start recording
  3. Then, tap anywhere on the Control Center to record the content on the screen.
  4. To stop screen recording, users need to tap on the recording button in the status bar and select the “stop screen recording” option.

With Siri support for screen recording in iOS 16.5, users will be able to quickly and easily start and stop screen recording with their voice. However, users must use precise words like start and stop in their commands for the voice assistant to complete the task. For example, the command “Hey Siri, take a screen recording” results in Siri taking a screen shot instead of recording the screen. 

It makes sense for Apple to improve its voice assistant at a time when generative AI like ChatGPT is gaining immense popularity for its conversational interaction and versatile usage to quickly compose messages, emails, articles, or even songs, search the web, and much more. Recently, a developer created an iOS shortcut that allows users to replace Siri with ChatGPT because of its intuitive functionality and several apps like Microsoft Edge, Carrot Weather, SoundHound, Opera Browser added support for the chatbot.

In addition to upgraded Siri, iOS 16.5 beta also introduced a new Sports tab in the Apple News app. The dedicated section for sports brings all of the readers’ sports-related content in one place.

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