This iPadOS 15 concept features everything that iPadOS 14 lacks

An iPadOS 15 concept from designer Parker Ortanli visualizes what the next version of iPadOS is going to look like. In his concept, the artist targets the shortcomings of Apple’s newest operating system for the iPad and envisions a new Home Screen, App Library, and redesigned widgets coming to iPadOS 15.

iPadOS 15 redesign

Apple made some great strides for the operating system of the iPhone by introducing some significant changes to the newest iOS software at WWDC this year. However, not every feature added to iOS 14 carried over to iPadOS 14. iPadOS 14 missed out on significant features like the Application Library and customizable widgets. Additionally, iPad users cannot place widgets between apps and can only view widgets in landscape mode.

Here are some of the best features included in Parker Ortanli’s iPadOS concept.

iPadOS 15


The artist made widgets his main focus in this redesign. In this redesign, users will be able to place widgets anywhere on the Home Screen. The artist also features a new modular Home screen in these photos, which could allow users to place apps and widgets anywhere on the screen, even leaving empty spaces. This redesign would let users tailor the iPadOS experience to their own needs.

iPadOS 15

Pro Menu

Ortolanti also features a Pro Menu in his conceptIt is a drop-down menu that can be accessed by swiping down from the left corner or clicking on the clock. This menu could give users the ability to check notifications, quickly restart the iPad, and jump into settings.

iPadOS 15

App Library

Ortolani envisions Apple’s iPad software with a dedicated icon on the left side of the Dock that can launch the App Library, a dedicated page that automatically organizes all of the user’s apps for easy access. Users can tap the icon to access the App Library.

iPadOS 15

Widget Tray

The Widget Tray makes it hassle-free for users to locate the widget they want to add, with a drop-down tray that displays all the possible options. This tray can be accessed when users go through the actions of adding widgets to their screens.

iPadOS 15

Apple released the third developer beta of iPadOS 14 on July 23. Though it is not recommended to install developer beta because of overheating, data loss, and other bugs, learn how to install the beta here. The public version of this software is expected to arrive in fall 2020.

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