iPhone 12 models accounted for 56% of iPhones sold in U.S. in December 2020

Despite an increase in average selling price, iPhone 12 models accounted for 56% of all iPhones sold in the United States in December 2020. The month also shows Apple’s services see growth in market penetration, compared to December 2019.

The new report shared by Consumer Intelligence and Research Partners is based on findings from over 500 Apple customers in the United States. The general consensus from the report shows that consumers are still buying iPhone 12, despite the increase in average price and the ongoing pandemic.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 are the best selling iPhone models

As per the report, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max are seeing the most sales, 17% each, with iPhone 12 Pro following closely. iPhone 12 mini is lagging behind in sales, as reported by various other sources too.

Josh Lowitz, CIRP Partner, and co-founder said in the report:

“For the full quarter, the new iPhone 12 models, and in particular the most expensive ones, garnered a significant share of sales. Even though these models were not available for the entire quarter, the model mix and pricing drove US-WARP to $873, the highest level we’ve seen in the almost 10 years we’ve surveyed iPhone buyers. US-WARP is similar to the Average Selling Price figure that Apple disclosed until two years ago. The core iPhone 12 had 17% of sales and was priced $100 more than last year’s iPhone 11. iPhone 12 Pro Max, priced at $1099, matched its share, with the $999 iPhone 12 Pro right behind. For all models, around half of buyers upgraded from base storage, further boosting average selling price.”

Previously, a report by MarketWatch said that iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max were seeing the most demand based on lead times, but it did not take into account the full month of December 2020. No matter which report is considered, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro sales are neck to neck, while iPhone 12 Pro Max is the clear leader. Despite raving reviews, iPhone 12 mini is still not doing well in terms of sales. We don’t expect Apple to be too bothered about it, as 9 out of 10 smartphones activated during Christmas in the United States were iPhones,

iPhone 12 Pro Max sales

CIRP’s report also states that Apple’s services like paid iCloud storage, Apple TV+, and Apple Music saw year-over-year growth among customers. Apple Music has been seeing growth over the years while iCloud storage paid plans are a necessity due to the paltry 5GB free storage that the company provides. Apple TV+ is relatively new and free for most users who buy an Apple product. Apple has also been extending the trial period so it would be too early to say how many people are actually paying for it.

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