iPhone 4 Bumpers removed from Apple store, ready to go free!

In Friday’s press conference for iPhone 4Steve Jobs announced that they will give free iPhone 4 cases or bumpers to iPhone 4 users. Apple would ship free bumpers till the end of September and those who have already purchased bumpers from Apple will get a full refund. Steve Jobs also said that bumpers for iPhone are totally different from the previous generation iPhone cases, hence, they are not available in the required quantity. Apple has now removed Bumpers from the U.S. store and they are marked as “Currently Unavailable”.

NO MORE BUMPERS at Apple Store

Because of low production of bumpers, Apple is not ready to process the orders of free bumpers yet and they also don’t want any more orders.

Although the bumpers are removed from the U.S. store’s new bar items, they can still be found from quick switch. The product page shows the prices of these cases at $0.00. These are the initial signs that iPhone 4 users would be getting their free bumpers soon.
[via 9to5mac]

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